New Kid on the Block: Gloria Hester, Our Local Horse (and People) Healer

11 Dec

So I meet this woman, with a very Southern-drawl, at a community meeting about the new Costa Rican immigration laws, and I ask her (the typical American greeting): “So what do you do?”

She responds: “I do Equine Hanna Somatics.”

Kelly:  “Something with horses?  And who is Hannah?  Do I know her?”

Gloria then explains to me, very patiently, that Equine Somatics is an adaptation of Hanna Somatics and was developed by Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D.  (Again, this means nothing to me.)  Therefore, she further explains, that Equine Somatics is a hands-on method of healing injured horses (and indirectly, their owners.)  Because I know nothing about horses, Gloria explains that injury or trauma can (and often does) cause “sensory motor amnesia”, resulting in chronic pain for a horse.

Horses as well as humans, over time, develop chronically contracted muscles (“sensory motor amnesia”) as an adaptive process to common stressors such as flight, fright, pain, compensations for injuries, and repetitive use.  This results in unconscious patterns of holding in the musculature.

And thus, her job is to literally re-educate a horse’s motor nervous system in a very mindful, gentle way.   She typically holds 3-day retreats and seminars, in which both horse and human are re-educated to move in a healthier, happier way.  Gloria’s retreats are called “Yogic Wisdom for Horse and Human” and are held nationally in the states.

Gloria also has an extensive background in Therapeutic Yoga as a multi- disciplinary ERYT and Hanna Somatic Educator.  She specializes, along with working with the horses, working with yoga teachers/practitioners who have injuries, or pain, in their practice.

Gloria will be available for one-on-one private instruction through Jan 7th.

For more information or to schedule a session, or call 2682-5142.


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